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Jen started writing online.

2009 – 2011

Jen works at a small custom web firm, learning the ins-and-outs of running a small business, basic web development, supporting SAS and online marketing.


Jen establishes jab’s plethora, llc and self-publishes her first book, and to invite community engagement, builds a website and promotion campaign.


Jen self-publishes her second book and begins a mini book tour at local small businesses. Later in the year, Jen begins to offer service contracts to small business owners.


Jen’s creative track pauses as her business track blooms. Working with different business leaders in a diverse group of industries, she learns how to apply different social media tactics to align with business goals.


Interested in how social media works on a corporate level, Jen applies and is accepted to a position as a Social Media Specialist (with a focus on content development, ad management, Influencer management and sponsorship event planning). She downsizes her company, jab’s plethora, but the most stubborn clients refuse to accept her notice and request development time allows.


Jen manages new challenges within her corporate position, including helping to craft and implement a Brand Ambassador Program. She continues to work with clients as time allows. Later in the year, she is challenged to refocus on her own blog and personal writing goals, and begins slowly on development.


A year of many changes, Jen balances her corporate position, her freelance clients and her creative goals. Event planning and management, Influencer engagements and strategic content development are top priorities, as it continuing education.


Jen transitions out of her corporate position and creates Plethora Content to provide more flexibility in her work-life balance. Goals for the year include increasing video production, podcasting, connecting with like-minded business leaders and capitalizing on her adventures through her personal writing progress at jabsplethora.com.