Website Content

Already have a website and struggling with how to make it…more? More in-depth. More impactful. More likely to convert visitors into loyal visitors or customers?

Stop struggling. This is what you do. Sometimes, when you’re so close, it’s hard to explain. An outside perspective can help provide organization, and highlight the best parts of who you are and what you do.

Marketing Content

Here’s a tree. Here’s a tree. And wait, here’s another tree. Do you even see the forest? Creating marketing content is often that way, and it’s hard to step back from the details to see the bigger picture.

Start with the goals. List them out. Deep dive into the particulars and start telling the stories…strategically. Keep an editorial calendar. Highlight what does well – as well as what doesn’t. Realign your strategy accordingly – and keep moving forward with consistent coverage.

Sound like a lot? Don’t worry. Jen is particularly good at this kind of thing and would love to help you out.

Personal Branding

Looking to start a new career? Want to highlight your craft or hobby? Ready to launch your new small business?

Personal branding matters. Your online reputation matters. Think about how you’re crafting and curating your online space.

Need some help to uncover the opportunities and create a plan? Want to pull together some positive images and build your story?

Yep. Jen’s got you.

Training: One-on-One or Small Groups

Feeling overwhelmed by all the things you need to know? Have you already attended a training, but feel like all your new-found knowledge is slowly seeping from your brain?

Jen’s been training individuals and business leaders on how to take charge of their online content since…well, pretty much since she jumped into the space herself. If you’re ready to learn or have a small group of individuals who want to learn together, get in touch.

Photography for Social Media

Wishing you had more photos to use for social media posts? Tired of hunting the web? Not sure if you have the rights to use a photo you really like on Google? Don’t want to spend a fortune on stock photography?

Stop looking outside and start creating your own bank of images. Need help getting started? Let’s sit down and talk through your marketing strategy, what you need and how we can get you what you want.

Additional Services Include…

Website Development

Don’t have a website yet, but really want one? Whether it’s for personal use or business marketing, you have to remember one very important thing: your website is a tool. Jen can help you define what this tool looks like and how it works, as well as assist with content.

Event Coverage

Have an event on the schedule and need assistance with promotion?

Events offer some really fun marketing opportunities before, during and even after the actual event. It’s important to think through the opportunities and evaluate how they may fit into your goals.

There’s a pretty good chance you’re going to be busy managing the event day-of, so why not add Jen to your team as a social media corespondent of sorts – for both real-time posts, and capturing moments you may miss?

Need a engaging individual to help table an event or cover duties at a conference or expo? She can help with that as well.

Social Media Ad Management

Looking at paid media? Want some help to organize and manage your ads and budget? Not sure how you should be targeting your ads, or how to analyze whether they’re successful?

It’s a lot; truly a hot mess of awesome opportunity. Jen would love to help you move forward your paid social media objectives. Let’s get more eyeballs where you want them!

Video Production

Need more videos to help tell your story?

Jen has some experience putting videos together and working with amazing video producers. Let’s talk about what you need, and see if we can get videos added to your marketing promotion ASAP.

Speaking Engagements

Need some assistance talking with others about your brand?

Whether it’s that your nerves are holding you back or that you can’t be in two places at once, Jen has experience leading a conversation in front small and large groups.